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AFFORDABLE Ardee Gardening Services

Discover top-quality gardening services in Ardee at prices that suit your budget. We provide the care and attention your garden truly DESERVES with our very experienced gardeners.

Our dedicated team, led by Pete, a qualified landscape gardener with over 35 years of experience, and Seamus, an accomplished builder, are experts in the subtleties of garden health and landscaping.

We offer a comprehensive array of garden maintenance services in Ardee. From regular lawn care to sophisticated landscape design for a large garden, we ensure every garden we attend reflects our commitment to excellence.

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How Our Garden Service in the Ardee Area Works

  1. Initial Contact and Consultation:
    • Reach out to us via phone or email to express your interest in our garden services. We’ll arrange a convenient time for an initial consultation.
  2. Personalised Assessment:
    • Seamus will visit your property to understand your specific needs and preferences. This visit allows us to assess the condition of your garden and discuss your vision for it.
  3. Tailored Service Plan:
    • Based on the assessment, we will create a customised service plan. This plan will detail the services required, such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming, planting, or seasonal maintenance, either as a one off job or as a regular service.
  4. Scheduling the Work:
    • We’ll work with you to schedule the services at times that are most convenient for you, whether it’s a one-time job or regular maintenance.
  5. Professional Execution:
    • Our experienced team will carry out the services as planned, using the best tools and techniques to ensure your garden looks its best.

Professional Garden Services in Ardee

Garden Services Dundalk has the expertise and equipment to manage any garden, big or small!

When it comes to garden maintenance in Ardee, this is our area of expertise!

Each aspect of your garden is handled with meticulous care to ensure minimal disruption to your property. Garden maintenance can be a complex task and should be performed only by trained professionals.

With over 35 years of combined experience, our garden specialists, Pete and Seamus, know exactly how to navigate those challenging situations in your garden!

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Trusted Garden Servicing in Ardee

Free, No Obligation Estimates

Our Ardee gardening service estimates are free, honest, and without obligation! We’re delighted to provide you with a free quote or advice about your garden care.

Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

With over 35 years of combined experience in gardening and building, Pete and Seamus have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. There’s a reason our clients stick with us, and it’s because we are passionate about what we do!

Best Prices in Ardee & No Hidden Fees

We offer the best prices in Ardee and are ready to meet you in your garden at a time that suits you.

Professional & Experienced

Our skilled professionals, led by Pete and Seamus, know what’s best for your garden and will deliver nothing less. Every task is performed with precision, every project is undertaken with passion.

Locally Owned & Operated

Garden Services Dundalk is locally owned and operated right here in Louth, Ireland.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Garden Services Dundalk, your satisfaction is our top priority. We listen closely to your needs and preferences to ensure that our services not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your dream garden is our mission.

Trusted Brands

Garden Services Dundalk is committed to employing the finest tools and providing the utmost level of attention for every gardening service in Ardee.

Call now 085 168 5170

Looking for Gardening Services in Ardee?

Garden Services Dundalk offers top-notch, professional gardening services like lawn care, landscape design, garden maintenance, and more in Ardee and the surrounding areas! Click the link below to explore some of the areas we cater to, or give us a call to find out if we offer gardening services near you! Our services are customised to meet your requirements, whether it’s rejuvenating a weary garden, implementing effective plant health strategies, or creating bespoke outdoor spaces with access.

Check out the photos of our customers projects on our website – whether grass cutting, general landscaping, removing trees, a general tidy up or installing patios or paving, we take pride in our work so request a free quote today. So take a rest, let us give your garden a weed, your tree a prune and sit back and review your beautifully manicured garden!

FAQs About Gardening Services in Ardee

What do most gardeners charge per hour?

In Dundalk, gardeners typically charge hourly rates ranging from €20 to €35, depending on their expertise, the specific gardening services required, and garden size. For an accurate and competitive quote tailored to your garden’s unique needs, visit for a free quote or contact us directly at 085 168 5170. We’re here to offer personalised gardening solutions.

How do I get a gardener?

Finding a skilled gardener in Dundalk is easy. Visit to explore our range of gardening services or give us a call. We can discuss your specific gardening requirements, and availability, and provide a free quote. Our team of experienced gardeners is committed to delivering top-quality service, ensuring your garden is cared for to the highest standard.

What types of garden services does Garden Services Dundalk offer?

Garden Services Dundalk offers a comprehensive range of gardening services to cater to all your garden needs. This includes garden maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, planting, hedge trimming, and seasonal clean-ups. Our experienced team is equipped to handle both residential and commercial gardens, ensuring top-quality service tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

How often should I schedule garden maintenance?

The frequency of garden maintenance depends on your garden’s specific needs and the time of year. Generally, regular maintenance like lawn mowing and weeding is recommended bi-weekly or monthly. For more extensive services like landscaping or seasonal clean-ups, scheduling can be less frequent.

Are the gardening services from Garden Services Dundalk eco-friendly?

Yes, at Garden Services Dundalk, we are committed to environmentally friendly gardening practices. Our team uses sustainable methods and materials wherever possible, including organic fertilizers and eco-friendly pest control solutions. We are dedicated to maintaining your garden’s health and beauty while minimizing our environmental impact.

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