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Dundalk Hedge Cutting Services

  • Hedge trimming services in Dundalk enhance property aesthetics. Professional trimming ensures deciduous hedges are neat and well-shaped, contributing to the overall beauty of landscapes.
  • Regular hedge maintenance promotes plant health. Consistent trimming helps prevent overgrowth and disease, keeping hedges in Dundalk healthy and robust.
  • Competitive pricing for professional hedge trimming.
  • Comprehensive Landscaping Services. Alongside hedge trimming, we can enhance your garden’s overall aesthetics with our range of landscaping services.

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Expert Hedge Trimming Services in Dundalk

Welcome to our Hedge Cutting Service! We are committed to delivering exceptional hedge care in Dundalk. Our team of experts, led by the experienced father and son duo, Pete and Seamus, brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and the right tools (not just hedge trimmers!) to ensure your hedges are not just trimmed, but expertly cared for. Here’s what we offer:

  • Professional Hedge Trimming & Maintenance for a Stunning Garden. Our services ensure your hedges are neatly shaped and well-maintained.
  • Healthy Hedge Growth with Regular Trimming. We are dedicated to fostering the health of your hedges. Consistent hedge trimming is essential to maintaining dense, lush, and well-shaped hedges.
  • Green Waste Removal if Needed. After we’ve trimmed your hedges, we offer the option to remove the green waste (hedge clippings) as part of our comprehensive hedge-cutting and garden maintenance service.

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Call now 085 168 5170

We recognise the importance of your time and finances. Our services are tailored to be both efficient and economical, offering you value for money.

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Hedge Maintenance Near You

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FAQS on Dundalk Hedge Cutting Services

What types of hedges do you trim in Dundalk?

We specialise in a variety of hedges, including formal hedges, small hedges, evergreen varieties like yew and beech, as well as flowering shrubs. Our Dundalk hedge trimming service caters to all sizes and types of hedges.

Can you handle both light pruning and more substantial hedge cutting?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped for light pruning, which is perfect for maintaining the shape and health your hedges need, as well as more significant cutting back, especially for hedges with bare patches or overgrown lower branches or bushes.

Our Dundalk hedge trimming will do both the vertical sides and the horizontal on hedgerows, we take each bush and shrub planted, and wild bird nest into consideration.

Do you take nesting season into account when trimming hedges?

Yes, we are very conscious of the nesting season for wild birds. We always inspect hedges for nests and adhere to legal requirements to protect wildlife whilst taking care of your hedge trimming needs.

Is your team experienced with tricky or hard-to-reach hedges?

Yes, our team has years of experience in handling challenging situations. We’re equipped with the right tools and techniques, including cherry pickers for tall hedges and sharp, precise tools for intricate shapes. Our expertise ensures even the trickiest hedges are trimmed to perfection.

Do you offer any additional gardening services apart from hedge trimming?

In addition to hedge trimming, we provide a range of gardening maintenance services. This includes general garden maintenance services as well as tree cutting, lawn cutting and lawn maintenance, garden tidy ups, landscape design, trees and planting advice.

We strive to be a comprehensive solution for all your gardening service needs to help you create your dream garden whether its a large garden or a tiny back garden, you can trust our garden service team in the Dundalk area. We strive to ensure our customers are happy so request free quote today from our site!

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